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Motivational letter for mortgage samples

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Motivation letter sample for a Investor Services Representative

[Name and Surname of the Sender]


[Phone, email]

Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]

    [Name of the Recruiter] [Recruitment agency] [Address]   RE: [Investor Services Representative] position     Dear [Name of the Recruiter],   I have received your contact details from my colleague [Name Surname of the colleague] who told me that you can assist me in find prospective career opportunity suitable for my professional profile. I firmly believe that your phone is ringing all day long, due to number of clients you serve, and therefore I am grateful you have took some of your valuable time to consider my resume.   As you may see in the enclosed resume that I have quite impressive work experience in Investor relation, as I have worked in most prominent brokerages and consultancies. However I feel that this experience has equipped me with this skills and knowledge to move my career forward, and therefore I would like to work as an Investor Services Representative.   Some of the respected corporations I have worked for are [quote / list the companies]. There I have gained valuable contracts with the most important clients/stakeholders in the West Coast like: [quote/list clients.] I believe that this well-established network of contact you find useful for my future employment.   Investors relations

Sample Piano Teacher Motivation Letter

Writing a motivation letter while applying for a Piano Teacher position will help you distinguish from the other candidates, especially in case employer receives large number of applications. Also, the letter helps the employer to sort out the suitable candidates from the endless lists of applicants. Therefore, a motivation letter should be attached to the Resume every time you send an application for a job position.



Piano teacher motivation letter

Motivation letter sample for a Postman

In the post offices around the world there is a great need for new workers. One of the positions is postman, which motivation letter sample is integral part of this post. This letter can be applied for applications for currier, mail deliverer, postal carrier etc. Please do not forget to attach a Resume in your e-mail in order to apply for the position. Do not be obscure describing your experience and skills and avoid stating too many information, so the reader could focus on the content.


Motivation letter sample for a job on the Cruise Ship

Goran Goranic,

Izletnicka br. 24

21.000 Novi Sad

Republic of Serbia


Ms. Ronda Gilbert

HR Manager

ABCD Agency

Bond Street, 45AGH

London, UK


Dear Ms. Gilbert,

I would like to apply for the position of a waiter at the food and beverages division on board of the Aurora cruising ship. I have seen your advertisement at LinkedIn that you are looking for candidates for Aurora and I believe that I am suitable candidate for the position.

Immediately after my graduation I have started working at the Beach Hotel, where I was enabled to obtain essential skills and knowledge in catering business. I have extensive experience in working with different people from a broad range of places, traditions or eating habits in sensitive and respectful manner. I am well equipped with techniques involving bar management, orders and reception duties. Also, in addition, I am willing to work long shifts or staying after regular working hours if necessary, in order to ensure a pleasant holidays for the cruise ship’s guests.

I would like to emphasize that I have worked also at the cruising ship Fantasy for eight months, where I got verification for all my skills and abilities, for which I posses strong recommendations from several managers at that ship.

My Resume that I have attached to this e-mail, shows my skills and experiences in a greater detail. Also, as the position supposes that the candidate should be at a good shape and with solid health condition, I am sending my certificate of good health issued by Dr Trajkovic at the Belgrade General Hospital.

If you have further questing regarding my application or any concerns related to my visa requirements, please feel free to contact me at any time via my e-mail or the telephone stated in my Resume.


Yours sincerely,

Goran Goranic

Motivation letter sample for a job in Embassy

Name and Surname of the Sender


Phone, email


Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]


[Name of the Embassy]


[Name of the Contact person]

[Position of the contact person]


RE: Administrative assistant in the Embassy of [Country name]





Dear Sirs, Madam,


With this letter I would hereby like to express my interest to work at the Embassy of [Name of the Country]. I dare to say that I am a fresh and prospective graduate with three years of work experience in the government & policy and public administrative, gained whilst studying for my BA degree in the University of [Name of the University].

Letter of motivation sample for a Master in Mechanical Engineering

Name and Surname of the applicant

Applicant’s address

E-mail of the applicant


University [Name]

[School / faculty name]


Admission office


Subject: Motivation letter for a Master program in Mechanical Engineering


Dear Sirs, Madams,


I was very glad when I saw this particular opportunity to apply for a Master program in Mechanical Engineering and with this letter I would like to express my strong motivation for this master course. I am a graduate of the University Of Szeged, Hungary holding BSc degree in Mechanical engineering.


I have graduated with honors at University of Szeged where I was able to get a solid knowledge in the field. At the moment I am doing my internship in XXX Corp, where I am learning in practice how to apply methods for advanced component and structure dimensioning, which was the topic of my Bachelor thesis. Thanks to this particular experience I was able to perceive the complexity of this field, and to realize that I would like to develop my career in this area. Beside application of structure dimensioning, I hold especial interest in the digital design – both Computer aided design and computer aided engineering, and I would like to do specialization in this particular area.


After careful overview of the master program you are offering with at your University, I believe that curricula fully suits my intentions, and therefore I would like to get an opportunity to attend this program.


Due to my financial situation I was able to continue my studies in my country or abroad, since I am not in a position to finance my studies. Therefore, I will be very grateful to be provided with scholarship to improve my education and incent my career prospects. Knowledge gained on the studies at your University I see as an extraordinary career opportunity, and therefore I would be very glad if you could support my education with scholarship and to further inform me about any scholarship opportunity that may appear.


At the end I would like to point out that I am determined to make the most of this opportunity. I believe that being a student in your department would not only empower my career development, but would give me the framework to utilize my full potentials. Moreover I feel that as a Masters student at your University, I can benefit from the numerous challenging career opportunities.


Once again I am grateful for considering my application and I look forward to a favorable reply.




Name Surname

Motivation letter sample for an Internship in NGO / CSO

Name and Surname of the Sender


Phone, email



Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]


Contact Person and Title

Name of the NGO

HR Department

Address line 1

Address line 2


RE: Internship / Traineeship opportunity


Dear [Name of the contract person, or HR manager, if not familiar write in Sir/Madam],


I am writing in response to the internship opportunity available on you website. At this time I am pursuing my Master’s degree in [field] at the University of [name of the University]. Within this program I am focusing my studies on the []. Hence, I am very interested in the [name of the project / program] implemented by your organization in [region].




I personally believe that my experiences and education make me a strong candidate for this particular internship opportunity in [name of the organization]. Thanks to the numerous courses and trainings, I have gained experience in the project cycle management, teamwork, intercultural management, and in conflict resolution.


Additional, through course in policy analysis and governance studies I have learned how to conduct stakeholder analysis, to draft memos and make research framework. As I know these skills are appreciated by your organization, and therefore I believe you will perceive them as valuable asset to your team. Nevertheless internship in your organization will provide me an opportunity to gain further experience and upgrade my skills and knowledge.


I believe that combination of my skills, experience, and knowledge suits your expectation regarding profile of intern for advertised position. Preferably I would like to do my internship during summer, as I do not have any obligations at the University.


As requested I am enclosing my resume along with writing sample. Please feel welcomed to contact me via telephone or e-mail if I can give some additional information.


Thank you very much for your consideration and time,

Kind Regards,

Name Surname

Writing a Motivation Letter When You Have No Experience

No matter whether you are high school graduate, or College / University graduate, letter of motivation should demonstrate you skills and knowledge even though you do not have any formal work experience.

In that line good motivation letter should contain:

1. Your name and contacts on the top right corner of the page,

2. Name and address of the recipient – Company

3. Date of the letter

4. Reference – subject line (RE: Post you are applying for)

5. Formal address to the recipient (Dear Sir, Dear Madam)

6. Introduction statement, where you should try to present yourself briefly to the recipient.

7. Body of motivation statement, which is the most important. Within this paragraph you should highlight you qualities and characteristics, which are relevant to the post. You should also highlight your skills, knowledge, and volunteer experience related to the job being advertised.

8. Closing paragraph where you should state your expectations from this opportunity in terms of gains you will benefit from, and propose a job interview. At the end of this paragraph you should thank for the consideration of your application.

Motivation letter for a pharmaceutical technician

Name and Surname of the Sender


Phone, email

Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]

[Employers name]
[Employers address]
[Employers telephone number]
[Employers email]
Dear Mr / Ms. Last Name



With this letter I would hereby like to apply for the pharmaceutical technician job, or any other position that would be suitable for my professional profile. I am confident that my background and skills in research techniques will prove to be adequate for your business requirements.


I possess comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology; third-party formularies and plan limitations; apothecary and metric systems of weights and measures; and pharmaceutical calculations; and a proven track record of commended performance in all pharmacy tech positions held.


While working for XXX Research Lab Inc., I successfully applied my research skills and worked closely with the samples being studied. I supported the research in completing assigned experiments, and recorded and analyzed massive amounts of collected data. This experience provided me the opportunity to work closely with a team of researchers, and familiarized me with the importance of superior lab practice.


My research experiences have been positive ones due in part to my interpersonal skills. I feel comfortable working in the teams, since I am reliable and organized, but I am also good in working on my own. Therefore I can assure you that I can fit well in your institution.


I am excited about the opportunity to join your team. In the Attachment I am sending you my Curruculum Vitae, Diplomas and several Recommendations. Please feel welcomed to contact me via telephone or e-mail if I can give some additional information.



Thank you very much for your consideration and time,



Kind Regards,


Name Surname

Motivation letter sample for a Travel Agent

Jack Cohen

Belfast Street, 17

Devon, UK


Mr. John Travis

Travel United Ltd.

Baker Street, 40

London, UK


Dear Mr. Travis,


At your company Website I have found an add offering employment for a travel agent. I have filled out the Questionnaire, where you will get to know that I am frequent traveler and that I fulfill the conditions of the post. In addition, I have been engaged in a team of travel agents where I received superior recommendations regarding my ability to work in tandem with the other team members.


I am eager to hear from you regarding my Questionnaire and for a call for an interview in person. Feel free to contact me 24/7 at my personal mobile phone which is indicated in my Resume, that I am sending as an Attachment to this motivation letter. I would be happy to come to your offices to discuss in detail my skills and qualifications and how my engagement at your travel agency can enhance the business and encourage my carrier.


Also, I would like to meet you in person, as a I have some ideas regarding the job position, you are offering, but as well I have some questions regarding the duties and responsibilities of this job offer, as I am willing to do much more not just for the job, but for the agency. As I indicated, please contact me when is suitable for you, I will accommodate to your schedule.


I really appreciate if I will be considered to be your travel agent, as I believe that my education and skills perfectly matches requirements mentioned in the add. I am eager to take the challenge to work within your agency and give my contribution to your everyday activities. I am acquainted that there is a great demand for travel agents and I would be pleased to be one of the best travel agents at your agency.



Jack Cohen