Letter of motivation sample FINANCE

June 2, 2012

Mr. John Edmonton

Chief Executive Officer

UK Connection, Ltd

25, London Street,

Atlanta, GE, USA


Dear Mr. Edmonton,


Since we’ve been unable to connect personally and have been speaking through Jim Torrents for the past week or so, I wanted to get my Resume to you before our June 11th meeting for your review.

With over 25 years of success linking finance to business operations, the value I bring in UK Connection extends far beyond that of your typical Chief Financial Officer. Not only am I effective in developing strategic plans,  budgets and forecast, I know what it will take for operations, marketing and sales to successfully execute on them to deliver strong sustainable revenue, profit and performance results.

My career has included CFO roles in $180 million base operations, impacting a Joint Task Force and over 2000 personnel. I provide a unique combination of tools and direction to continuously navigate financial, market and operational transition to ensure the long-term success measured by:

–          Best Practices Implementation to enhance the value of employee productivity and process improvement;

–          Managing the payroll and travel expenses for US Army personnel and Joint Task Forces in Baghdad, Iraq;

–          Project Manager for Air Force Defense team, completing 135 sites (originally designed for 100) on time and $ 1 million under budget;

–          Driving change through analyzing full scope of organizational structure and executing plans for success.

I have succeeded in building financial teams from the ground up, implementing financial systems and facilitating merger integration and change management initiatives that have directly impacted the top and the bottom-line. My ability to build key relationships with executive leadership and personnel is exceptional, and has been essential to positioning finance as a key business partner.

Aware of the caliber and reputation UK Connectivity holds in the marketplace I look forward to our continued discussion next week as the first of many positive communication. Thank you very much in advanced for your consideration.



James Tracking