Motivational letter for PhD Example

Dear Sirs, Madams,

I hold MSc degree in Electronics and Telecommunication from the <NAME> University and I would like to apply for the PhD program in <NAME OF THE PROGRAMME> at  <NAME> University. After completing this PhD program, I plan to continue my research in the field of network protocols and architectures. My goal is to become a faculty member at a leading university and to investigate the improvements that can be done in actual networks to make them compatible with modern ones . This program would help me to start my career as a specialist in modern networking.

I am very excited by ATM networks and MPLS, as both of them have major applications in traffic engineering. Because the traffic on the Internet grew considerably, traffic engineering became the main domain of research for the telecommunication engineers and I hope that soon I will bring my contribution in this area.  I also believe that my work experience in networking represents an advantage because i have learned to operate/configure different network equipments, and for the reason that i have managed to integrate myself in a team where each member could learn from the other without hesitation.

The A Group has a distinguished research status. I have researched it from its homepage and its publications. The research level is international, the environment is stimulating, and the projects are creative. They are all crucially advantageous for research, and hence catch the attention of me.

From practical experience, and study, I have a strong foundation in routing protocols (RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF) WAN technologies (Frame Relay, PPP, ISDN), IEEE 802.1D, 802.1Q standards, traffic filtering (Linux iptables, Cisco access-lists) and traffic shaping. On the faculty I was a good student, I situated on the 10-th place (from aproximatively 200 students) considering the average of the first 5 years of study, and on the 2nd  place (from 16 students at my specialization) in my last year of study (master).

My master these name was “<MasterThese Name>”, and my license’s title is “<These theme>” for both of them i worked under the direction of Professor <NAME>

In regard to my extracurricular activities, I like playing tennis, snowboarding, skiing and traveling. I appreciate the value of the insistence, ambition and team spirit. I have learnt the commitment is necessary for success as an individual and how to work as a team member.

Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your favorable reply.


Yours sincerely,





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