Mr. Todd Todenssen

HR Manager

Do Do Airlines

555555 – NY, USA




Dear Mr. Todenssen,


I am writing to express my interest in the position of a Cabin Attendant at your Airlines, listed at website on 04.01.2013. I strongly believe that I meet your requirements for this job placement. The opportunity presented in this listing is very challenging, and I advocate the opinion that my previous experience in costumer services and my interests will make me a strong applicant for the position mentioned above.


My key qualities, as your future employee and relevant to the position include:


–          Willingness to work with people in various kinds of situations;

–          Strong interpersonal communication skills;

–          I am fluent in three languages: English, Italian and German;

–          Pleasing appearance and shaped body.


I have a small work experience in sales and customer service as a Sales Manager. My colleagues and superiors all testify the fact that I relate with people very easily and that I can adapt in different kinds of situations. Currently, I am student at the Berlin University – Faculty of Management and Marketing. I expect to graduate during this summer. During this course I have found that I posses ability to learn fast and react to changes. My experience in parachute and bungee jumping has taught me to act quickly and think clearly in emergency circumstances. Also, I want to stress that I am an active swimmer, with several championships medals behind me. I am bright-eyed, friendly, open minded, adaptable and highly responsible young man, eager to work in friendly environment and to be a part of a strong and developing company.


More detailed information can be found in my Resume attached with enclosed Image of mine, which I found it very important in hospitality industry.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward speaking to you in person about this employment opportunity.



Best Regards,


John School