Dear Madam/Sir,

I will like to apply for a position of a Cabin Crew Attendant as advertised recently.

Currently, I am working as a Flight Attendant Assistant at ABCDE Company. I enjoy my job very much, as I love the focus on providing excellent customer service to the passengers while ensuring their comfort and safety through the flight. I deal with security and emergency situations if they arise and can administer first aid to the voyagers.


As part of my duties, I see that all emergency equipment is in working order prior to take off and that there are enough supplies for the passengers. I assist any passenger to board the plane and give a demonstration of safety procedures and equipment.


Above all, I like to help make the flying experience a pleasant one for the passengers, serving refreshments, meals, gifts and duty free items.


At the end of each flight, I ensure passengers disembark safely at the end of the travel and check that there is no luggage left in the overheated lockers. Also, I complete all the necessary paperwork, including writing the flight report.


I have been working on long haul flights for the past two years and would like to change to short haul, so I can be near to home, hence my application for this position at your Airline.


I enclose my Curriculum Vitae and I am available for an interview at your convenience. References are available on demand and I very much look forward hearing from you as appropriate.


Yours faithfully,

Brenda Jonson