January 5, 2013


WindWings Jet

HR Department

555555 – 1st street, NY



Dear Ms. D,


I am pleased to apply for a job placement Flight Attendant at your Airlines, as advertized on your company website.


With a three years’ experience as a Domestic Flight Attendant and four years of nurse work, I will be a salable addition to your team. I am trained in dealing with stressful and busy situations schedule without compromising excellent service to passengers. Through my natural ability to connect with people, I listen to and understand costumers’ concerns and find innovative solutions to assist them. I honestly believe that part of ensuring the clients enjoy and feel comfortable during flight is to discover creative solutions, such as the original fitness instructions or origami lessons I provided during in-flight service. As an efficient team player, I have also demonstrated skills independently. I work well under tight time constraints, speak fluently English, French and German, and can operate the medical and safety equipment on a plane.


I look forward to hearing from you soon to arrange an interview to explore the possibility of my engagement with your Company.


Sincerely yours,

Name and Surname


Attached: Resume