Motivation letter for marketing assistant

Dries Cornet

Sint – Laureisstraat, 118

2018, Antwerpen


02 000 0000

XYZFG Limited

HR Department

Av. Pierre Curie, 7777

1000, Brussels





Dear Madam/Sir,


My name is Dries Cornet, I am senior student at the RRRRR University  interested in scheduling an interview for a job position of Marketing Assistant at your Company. I strongly believe that XYZFG has the ideal culture in which to pursue my aim of becoming an innovative and responsible marketing researcher and executive, as your firm has excellent record in the field of marketing.

Educationally, my intensive course work and the seminars and conferences participated at has allowed me to gain relevant understanding and appreciation for aiming marketing executive career. I have also studied management, project management and microeconomics, including supply chain management. Knowledge gained at those courses I find it very useful for a position at your marketing team. As a part of a class, I worked for the Royal Museum examining their marketing strategies, as well as of other state owned institutions, in an effort to discover the most effective way to advertise their expected exhibit. This experience enabled me in my pursuit of marketing related career and showed that I can cope with tight deadlines and work efficiently and more than it is needed in order to get my job done, as the exhibition was a great success for the community. Also, I mastered the skills such as: team work and communication. In the survey conducted after the event, measuring the visitor satisfaction, I was graded with highest grades.

Last summer I worked as a local reporter for the University’s radio station, where I demonstrated great ethics, responsibility and team work, as I won prize for reporting about the new marketing strategies of the TYYIOP Company at the Conference of the Universities radio stations. This work broaden my communication knowledge and backed me to learn how to develop experience working on several projects at the same time, be familiar with wide range of topics and further strengthened mu interest to become a better marketer.


I strongly believe that I will be perfect addition to your company. I enclosed my Resume with this application.

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to call me or mail me.


Thank you very much in advanced for your consideration.


Kind regards,


Dries Cornet