Motivation letter sample – Communication manager

Roger Jones,

Right Street, 55,

New York, NY, 11111

Tel. + 1 545 111 2568


Amanda Jomas

HR Manager

DFGHJ Communications

Left Street, 1100

New York, NY, 11111




Dear Ms. Jomas,


I am writing to apply for a job position of Communication Manager, at your company, as advertized on the website 18.01.2013. My name is Roger Jones, communications professional, with reliable experience in that area.


I have wide experience in almost all of the skills and competences needed for the job advertised. I want to emphasize several highlights regarding my career:


–          Handled  a broad range of creative services, cooperating with services peers, subordinates and sellers to produce marketing and print communications, as well internet communications and YouTube advertisement projects;

–          Posses relatively god editing and writing skills, mastered during past 5 years working in PR and Communications sectors. I worked wide range of activities from newsletter to video sites, but guest columns as well;

–          Innovating and implementing strategies to motivate employees and buyers, reach their optimum results;

–          Providing communications advices and expertise to managers for management reasons, benefits communications and employee relations.


At my current job placement at QWERT Company – Miami, I have dealt with administration of our fundraising activities, especially with the scholarships program. This is the most rewarding part of the job, building bridges between our organization with funding.


As a recent expat in Los Angeles, I still have a house in New York, as I am born and bred in the city. That is way I want to put all my skills and capacities to work back in New York. While I really appreciate my current firm, co-workers and superiors, I have discovered that living and working in New York is where I want to be at the moment.


I attached my Resume in my Application, for you to have a better view of my career path. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me via mail or telephone whenever it suits you.




Roger Jones