Motivation letter sample for admission to Law School

Dear Sir or Madam,


I  am writing to apply for the Bachelor of Law programme at the University of (write name), as I am interested in international law and justice.

My first experience with the Netherlands was in year 2007, when for one day I met the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Russia. He invited me to attend the celebration of Queensday in St. Petersburg, where I have been able to get deeper insight in the Dutch culture and I liked a lot.

I have always been interested in law as my father was a judge. I have already studied law for one year at the University of (NAME). During this year I understood that studying law is the best choice for me, but now I know that specialization in International law is the best choice. The Hague University offers the exact  educational programme I am interested in. I like the fact that the International Bachelor of Law programme offers not only the law theory, but also practic.  In my opinion, it is the best way how to get extensive knowledge.

As to my personality, I am very sociable – I love meeting new people and also getting to know new cultures. I am also fond of learning languages, so I would love to perfect my English and also to learn Dutch. Thus, I am looking forward to getting to know the Netherlands more thoroughly than I do now.

Studying in the Netherlands will be a great opportunity because Dutch educational system has very high standards of education. I would be fortunate to study law in the Hague, which is international city of peace, justice and security.

Yours faithfully,