Letter of motivation sample for Lab Assistant Summer Internship

Joe Biotech
123456, Left Street
New York, 1111, NY
Tel. +1 808 5524 666
e-mail: namesurname@mail.us

Ron Jones
HR Director
ABCD Biotech
98765, Right Street
New York, 111111, NY

February, 2nd. 2013.

Dear Mr. Jones,

I recently learned about the Lab Assistant Summer Internship at ABCD Biotech through the “AJGJKG Newspaper”. I would like to be considered for this position. I have had opportunity to speak with Ms. Carson in the Research and Development Department about the internship at your company’s goals in the future. With the lab experience and analytical skills you are seeking, I would be a strong candidate for the position of the Intern at your company.

I am aware that your company discovers, manufactures, and markets leading prescriptions medicines for human and provides related health care services to the people who need them. With your goal of finding sustainable solutions to the health care challenges of our changing world, I feel that my problem solving skills coupled with my demonstrated lab experience will enable me to help achieve your goals.

As you can see from my Resume, I have a strong knowledge of lab techniques including electrophoresis and media preparation, as well as the ability to follow detailed instructions and protocols. In addition, I have experience working in a health-related environment with the American Heart Association which has helped me develop communication and leadership skills.

I would like to set up an appointment to talk further with you about how my skills and experience could benefit ABCD Biotech. I will contact you in about a week to see about this possibility. Thank you very much for your time.


Joe Biotech