Motivation letter for job application – sample for waiter

Dear Ms. James,

Please consider my application for the summer season waiter position you recently published on, on Feb, 18.2013, declaring that Michael’s Restaurant requires a waiter experienced in the hospitality, strong customer service skills, and the ability to work under pressure. I believe I satisfy all of these requirements, and am suitable candidate for the position.

I posses an extensive background in the hospitality. I worked for three years in a family owned restaurant. During this time I gained experience in almost every aspect of service. I received orders and served customers their dishes, handled the cash register, and executed daily inventory checks. As a waiter at Michael’s Restaurant, I could assist not only in taking orders and serving clients, but also in a variety of other duties in which you might need help.

I have also worked in customer service for four years. As a cashier at a supermarket for two years, I assisted approximate fifty customers daily, building customer relationship management; I not only helped people shop their comestibles and make payments, but I also offered assistance in finding specific products and effectively using our discount offers. At the Jonas Restaurant, I communicated with over twenty of customers each day; always making sure to provide accurate and thorough answers to the questions related to our meal options and the price of items. I know I could also bring this friendly, helpful atmosphere to a position as a waiter at Your Restaurant.

I do my best under pressure, and believe I would apply this quality of mine in your restaurant’s effective environment. Working at the supermarket and small restaurant, I became adapted to serving dozens if not hundreds of people daily. Despite the throngs and long lines, I always tried to stay cheerful and in a good mood. As a member of my high school basketball team, I also learned how to be a team player. For example, when a teammate broke a leg during a basketball game, I helped his transport to the hospital assisting paramedic. I was the one my teammates turned to in almost every stressful situation, and I know I would be the same cool, calm and collected as your summer waiter. My experience in the hospitality and in customer service and my ability to handle under pressure make me an excellent candidate for your position.

I have enclosed my Resume in the Attachment, and will contact within the next week to see if we might arrange an interview with you. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.



James Franklin,