Motivation letter sample for au pair

Roger MorisonWest Street, 1144

New York, NY, 11111


Isabelle Trooper

River Street, 115

New York, NY, 11111

Tel. _________

e-mail: _________

Dear Mr. Morison,

Please do consider my passionate application for the job placement of your summer nanny for your two children. At the first sight of your post in our local newspaper “Sunny morning”, I knew that I am perfect candidate for the position. I strongly believe that my experience in working with pre-school children, my mentoring background and my skills like crafting and paintings would make me a superior nanny for your daughters.

In the advertisement, that you posted you indicated that your children are second and fourth grade. I posses a valuable experience in dealing children bellow the age of ten. As an event organizer for children’s birthday parties, I worked with groups of children of seven to ten year old. During that experience I learned how to recognize general interests and abilities of the children I worked with and guide them to develop those interests. For two years I was responsible for private tutoring lessons in painting and crafts at our community centre. As a tutor I lead groups of ten pupils introducing them the world of art. Therefore, I am familiar with sorts of games and stimulate activities would be the most convenient for your children.

In the add you have published, you also explained that you are looking for a nanny who will provide some academic counseling for your children. As a private tutor for two years and applicant for community college, I have develop strong sense for studying hard and responsibility to done my task in the time demanded, experience that I want to pass to your children if you give me the opportunity.

As an artistic person, passionate in crafting, I have interesting projects that I would love to create with Simone and Wilma. As a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital for two summers, I helped create stress free environment for young children in the not easy circumstances for every child. During that period, I have also assisted in the medical care and hospital admission of the patients. I was devoted to my work and I stayed in touch with every child I helped, until its full recovery.

My devoting in working with children, private tutoring skills and my love of painting and crafts would make me a perfect nanny for your children, but also an extensive part of your family. In the Attachment of this e-mail, I am sending you my Resume for your closer view, and I will call you within the next few days to see if we might arrange a meeting to speak closely about my candidateship.

Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration.




Isabelle Trooper