Motivation letter sample for Retail manager

Claudia Rees
Store Owner
Cotton Design Bruxelles
Silver Street, 4565
BE-1000, Brussels Sonya Sanders
Straight Street, 455
BE-1000, Brussels
Tel. +32-1-2548-999

Ref. Retail Manager – RM1212112

Dear Ms. Rees,

Please consider my application for the job placement – Retail Manager for your Brussels store, as advertised in Brussels Weekly on 02/03/2013.

I have done my job as Fashion Retailer for six years, at several job positions of which the newest was as a Store Manager. With my strong background in sales management and love to mode, I strongly believe that I posses all the skills and requirements to be your Retail Manager for your Brussels store.

Working as a Retail Manager at the Sass Design Store, I have successfully put into practice new initiatives with stock and store layout that have enhanced the client’s experience. Also, I took participation in creating new and highly successful marketing and advertising techniques that resulted with profit increase by more than 50%.

I am lieder, who develop good interpersonal relations with my colleagues, creating healthy environment for all employees and customers. Sales growth results in the past two fashion stores is prove to my managerial skills and efforts. As I am dynamical and open minded person with highly developed communicational skills, I am always ready to think in advanced and handle different kinds of situations.

I am graduated fashion designer at the University of Ghent and I mastered Sales Management at the University of London, so I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the position of yours Retail Manager. I advocate the opinion that I will be a solid addition to your team and build up your reputation at the Belgium’s fashion market.

I have enclosed my Resume for your closer review in the Attachment and I look forward for hearing from you soon to discuss my candidateship in greater detail.


Sonya Sanders