Motivation letter for Erasmus

Natalia Volkovova

Oblakovska, 22/78

Prague, Czech Republic

e-mail: +42-858-66589


Dear Madam, Sir,


I am writing to apply for the Erasmus student exchange programme at you University. I would like to spend next semester of my study course at the University of Algarve in Portugal. Currently, I am student of Charles University in Prague, at the study programme of Environmental Chemistry.


I would honor the opportunity if you accept me for the Erasmus programme, because it will mean a lot for me and my future career prospective. Firstly, it would definitely be a very efficient and successfully method to improve my English and Chemistry skills. I have been learning English as my first foreign language since age of seven, and I believe that this experience at your University will improve a lot my knowledge because I will get a chance to communicate with students in similar circumstances. Moreover, I will cherish the opportunity to enhance my lab experience at your facilities, since your University has a great reputation in that field.


I would like to emphasize that I am eager to benefit from this programme, as I will get to know better Erasmus students from the whole Europe, exchanging experiences and practices. I advocate the opinion that Erasmus programme is excellent opportunity to meet various groups of young people, spend quality time with them and get to know their habits, attitudes, lifestyle, etc. Also, living, studying and having fun within international scholars would broaden my horizons and enable me to build strong social network with people through our continent.


Studying at your University I would have a chance to compare the Portuguese higher education system and Czech one. If I become your student I will use this comparison to promote the Portuguese educational system not only in my homeland, but in the whole EU also.


The reasons for choosing your University are:

–          Learning another foreign language, and get familiar with Portuguese culture and customs;

–          To get practice in modern laboratories and work in different environment that at Charles University;

–          Enhance my chances to find a better employment, as I will get a truly multicultural experience, highly valuated nowadays among employers.


I would be very grateful if you consider my application and give me a chance to participate in the Erasmus programme at your University, which would mark my future professional and personal development.


Thank you very much in advanced for your consideration.


Yours faithfully,


Natalia Volkovova