Motivation letter sample for EU Commission traineeship

Dora Pataki,

Seventh Utca, 777

1056 Budapest,


Tel. +36 1 52 52 999




Dear Madam, Sir,


I am writing this letter in order to apply for a Traineeship at European Commission Directorate for Enlargement for the period Jan/Jun 2014.


I am Dora Pataki, motivated student from Budapest, Hungary, currently student at the Budapesti Corvunus Egyetem at the international master programme of European International Business Relations, and I am expecting to graduate during this summer. During studies I am focused to acquire deep and comprehensive knowledge in international finance, economics and accounting. Also, I am well introduced to European Logical Framework and EU project management, which I am planning to use as your Intern.


As I am deeply interested in European economic integration and the EU itself, I enrolled myself at the above mentioned master programme in addition to my undergraduate studies in Economics, where I had several EU-related courses like EU Policies, European Law practice and Human Rights of the EU. Thanks to those courses I have got familiar with the processes in the EU, EU Institutions and the enlargement as well. The issue of enlargement was the topic of my dissertation, based on the research that I’ve conducted in the last year of my studies. In the research I have intention to connect the foreign policy of the EU with the goals of the EU’s neighborhood policy, EU energy policy and defense policy. During the work on the dissertation I got broad understanding of the positive and negative aspects of the possible enlargement of the EU and all the challenges that it may brought. That is why I am applying for this traineeship, because it will enable me to enhance the knowledge on those topics, while bring a significant contribution to your team and the EU in general.


I posses a working level of English and German, in addition to my mother tongue Hungarian and I have started to learn French. In order to get familiar with the language and the culture I have been on study exchange at the University Paris 11, as an Erasmus student. I am satisfied with my progress, but I want to get opportunity to use the language more, which I will be able at your Directorate.


I honestly believe that I am highly motivated for the challenge to be your Trainee and I am eager to put in the practice all the knowledge gained at the University and as an Erasmus student.


Thank you very much for considering my application. If you have any questions regarding my application, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail or vie telephone.


Yours faithfully,

Dora Pataki,