Letter of motivation example for job in Finance


Mr. Jan Pavlov

HR Manager

RTS Investment Corporation

Konevova 45, Prague,

Czech Republic

Jana Pavlovova

Biskupcova, 33

Prague, Czech Republic

Tel. +42-552-3232-999

e-mail: namesurname@domain.cz


Dear Mr. Pavlov,


As, a recent graduate, I am interested in the entry level position at RTS Investment Corporation, at the Prague Offices. My name is Jana Pavlovova, freshly graduated student at Vysoka Skola Ekonomicka v Praze, gaining title of Master in International Finance. I would appreciate the opportunity to become member of your finance team, as I am specialized in different kinds of practices and theory regarding finance and administration. I am planning to start and build a career in that field at your company, following your inviolable position at the European market.


During my studies and work, as an intern, I was handling different tasks concerning budgets and conducting market research and surveys, but also, I mastered skills like: payroll management and invoicing. Those experiences enabled me to feel comfortable to learn new methods, techniques and find my place in team working environment. Also, I develop strong confidence, which I believe it will usable at your company.


In the Attachment, I have enclosed my Resume for your closer review. Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration.


If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me any time at my e-mail or vie telephone.


Sincerely yours,


Jana Pavlovova