Motivation letter for Android application developer sample



Roger Steward

HR Manager

Cloud Network Service IT Company

Rechts Straßen, 448

Hamburg, Germany

Bobby Strauss

Links Straßen, 50

Hamburg, Germany

Tel. +49-1725-5224-555





Ref. Application for a job position of an Android Developer


Dear Mr. Steward,


Few days ago, I have read an interesting article about your company at the Sunny Today newspaper, about its expansion in the north of Germany. I am convinced that my experience as Android Developed can help that expansion and attract new clients in Germany, but also in the whole EMEA region. Working for several months as an Android Developed, I have built two mobile applications for Dragon Bank Corporation, taking care of the deadlines set and security measures demanded from me. As a detail oriented person with wide knowledge of Android SDK, Java and TCI/IP protocol, I was able to implement the applications without a single security breech. My passion for testing and debugging leaded me to the goal of making superb apps and deliver it to the Bank.


As I underlined in my Curriculum Vitae, I am well organized person, able to manage customers and superiors’ satisfaction, performing those tasks:

–          Collaborating with the marketing department to define the clients entails and identify the management aspirations regarding the application;

–          Caring out product management tasks, to establish the road map in advanced for outlining the priorities and budget for the team;

–          Cooperating along with the customers about the application design, allowing them to make small changes in the process, to view their account balance and deposit checks from their mobile devices across variety of OS versions and resolutions;

–          Working with respect of the budget margins and with the established corporate culture;

–          Mitigating risk by debugging, developing updates and different modalities.


I have done a research about your Company. As I understood its immediate goal is to make an entrance to the EU market, in the absence of compromise about security, and that is why I am keen in the position of an Android Developer at your Offices in Hamburg. I believe that I posses all the necessary qualification for this placement, as a mobile pioneer, equipped with technical skills, good eye for detail and team leader qualities. Also, I hold SCJD certificate and knowledge in Ruby.


Also, you can check my portfolio at my personal website


I would appreciate if you give me an opportunity to talk with you about my candidateship in greater detail by arranging a meeting with me. If you have further questions regarding my qualifications or experience, please feel free to contact me via telephone or e-mail me.


Thank you very much in advanced for your time and consideration,




Bobby Strauss