Motivation letter sample for a mechanist

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Dear  Sir, Madam,
I found your add in the “News magazine”, offering employment as a machinist for your machine shop. I have filled out the preliminary application and you’ll see that I have a background as a machinist for the past ten years. I have also worked with a team of machinist and have been complimented on my ability to work in tandem with others.

I look forward to hearing from you regarding a personal interview. Please contact me at (000) 00000000 and I will be happy to come to your office to discuss this position and how I can take on this work for your company.

If you’d like to meet me in person to go over the duties, I’ll be happy to accommodate your schedule. Please give me a time and date that works for you. I really appreciate being considered for this job. I know that  CNC machinist are in great demand and I’d be pleased to be one of them at your facility.





Name and Surname of the applicant