Top 7 motivation letter mistakes

In this post we would like to list common mistakes applicants are making when writing motivation letter. In order to make successful application, try to avoid following common mistakes:


  1. Motivation letter is a copy of another motivation letter you found online, without proper tuning to yours qualifications and purpose. Please bear in mind that letter of motivation must suit your qualification and experience, as well to desired post you are applying to. Since letter of motivation is personal it has to reflect your own style.
  2. Motivation letter is too general. Letter of motivation has to communicate clear messages, while employer needs to perceive your motivation for post you are applying to.
  3. Language used is to complex. Often applicants try to use to complex language in order to catch employers attention, and to create better image of themselves. Certainly language used in letter should reflect in some extent your qualifications and ability to express yourself, but try to use simple language delivering clear thoughts and messages.  Every sentence should have clear meaning.  It is also recommended not to use poetic phrases, instead be concrete as possible.
  4. Motivation letter is pure reflection of CV. Try not to merely list items from your CV. The motivation letter should be complementary to your CV where you can draw attention to some of the relevant items of your CV. Rather  focus on identification of key points from your CV that are especially relevant to the post you are applying to.
  5. Your contact data is missing. Before submitting letter check that you have included all the necessary information. Therefore do not forget to include your contact details. We assume you are writing this letter to get a response from employer, right? J
  6. Function you are applying to is missing.  Bear in mind to state in letter position you are applying to.
  7. Before sending please check the language used in letter, in order to avoid any spell / typing errors.  At this stage you may also use spell check option in your MS Word.