How to write a good motivation letter?



Most of the people perceive motivation letter a formality during application process. Therefore there are not investing strong efforts to write a personal statement that will ensure their placement for a job/scholarship. However, this often perceived “pure formality” called motivation letter can win you a job interview and future job placement. Below we provided you a list of key elements that have to be included in your letter of motivation, in order to write a good one:



  1. Do not forget to mention why you have decided for the concrete company to apply for a job. Be clear, concise and express your unbiased motivation.
  2. Try to reflect personal approach as much as possible. For example if you know the name of HR person, address the letter to this person.
  3. Do not mention your weak point in the letter, since they will be probably discussed during your job interview. However don’t be to much vainglorious since this will make wrong impression.  Be realistic about yourself and try to point out your strong points.
  4. Your letter should reflect positive spirit and orientation on future. For example you can use following phrase: ”I am eager to improve my skills and fully prepared to adapt myself to the new working environment…”, instead of “I am not experienced in the relevant field.”
  5. Quote and describe concrete facts and situations to articulate your motivation for specific company/placement.
  6. Try to find out as much as possible about company before applying. This will show your interest about company and reflect you ability to prepare relevant information on your future post.
  7.  Put only the most relevant facts and experiences in your motivation letter. Keep it brief and clear. However do not forget to tell something about you as a person.
  8. Mention your accomplishments in education or professional experience. It would be also useful to express you perspectives in career of in education., for example where do you see yourself in the upcoming period.
  9. Use a motivation letter as a tool to distinguish your application from other with sample qualifications.
5 Tips for writing perfect motivation letter