How to write good LinkedIn Recommendation

LinkedIn Recommendations are a great way to improve you LinkedIn profile and help your career boost. If you are willing to recommend someone, someone else will be willing to give recommendation to you, and your career potential will become stronger. Every time you create a recommendation and the recommended person accepts it, he/she is prompted to recommend you back. And that is not all, giving the collegiality of your LinkedIn connections, you will most probably have endorsements in return, also.

Your professional reputation is in stake, so recommend people you are satisfied, happy and you really want to work with. If you recommend someone that is not worth it, you will create problem not only for that person, you will deteriorate you profile too. So do think a lot before write any recommendation, because your opinion counts. Here are some useful tips how to make you recommendation more valuable:

–          Be skill-orientated. Try to express in as much as details as you can the most valuable skills that you believe that person posses;

–          Be result driven. Do not use regular phrases such “He has a good eye for detail” or “She is eager to learn and willing to work outside of working hours”! Try to write about the person achievements and working results that she/he accomplished such as “She/He devotion to the work placement resulted with an increase of sales by 15% during the last winter”;

–          Be concise and specific. LinkedIn has a 3.000 characters limit when it comes to recommendations, so you should be able to fit in that limit. Plan in advanced, so you could be able to satisfy that criteria.

–           Explain how you know the person you are recommending. It is very useful to explain how are you connected to the person – colleague, you’ve worked together, relative or friend, that is very important because it is very important that future employers see how relevant is your recommendation.

–          Look at the person profile and try to reinforce his/her skills. Be acquainted with the profile you are recommending, that is the only way you can provide a good recommendation! If it is focused on the IT skills that the person posses, say so and focus on that qualifications of the person, do not be explanatory about other irrelevant skills.

–          Do not exaggerate. Try to avoid exaggerations about the person, try to be professional but not too much. It the person have sense of humor, than write so.


LinkedIn Recommendations SAMPLES

John is very active and hard-working employee. He would be a great addition to your team, as he is well acquainted with the team work. He is an excellent worker since the day he came at you company to work as a Trainee in our HR Department. As we were quite busy with the Add in which we were hiring over ten employees, John helped a lot through the process, helping us to check over 1,500 CVs we got. His devotion to the delegated tasks was exceptionable. He managed to fit in the team, stay longer than usual working hours and demonstrated attention to detail. Through the traineeship, John has completed his assignments in the deadlines set and gave contribution to the creativity of the process with his service orientation. I would highly recommend this worker for any position in the HR industry because of his devotion, expertise and willingness to work as I am sure that he will manage to fit in his future career projects.