Motivation letter sample for a language course

Several visitors have asked us to provide them a sample letter of motivation for a language course. For them and others we have prepared a letter for french language course.

Feel free to use this sample/template for your own application for a course. Good luck!



I am a Law student at University of Gdansk. I find the courses and topics taught at the University very interesting because the world of international legal affairs challenges and motivates me.
International law studies require fluency in English and French. Hence, I would like to attend a university where all the courses are taught in either English or French. I do feel that I have a good command in French, but living in an French speaking country would be an enriching experience like no other.

Therefore I choose to participate in this project because I discovered that most universities accept only graduate students with good knowledge of English and French language. I feel that this is an amazing opportunity which will surely turn out to be an enriching experience for me.

I have great expectations from studying abroad because of the element of global unity and internationalism. I think that a larger view on the world could give the chance to be more productive on study, on work and, generally, in my whole life. Living abroad could give the chance to better understand international affairs and prepare better for my future career.

About the fact that I’d have to stay far from home, I don’t feel that it would be much of a problem because I have the ability to adapt to various situations. I could live on my own without any problem. I have a pleasant character so I don’t have any problem about to know other people and to live with them and hence don’t find it a problem to adjust to new situations and interact with people from around the world.
Having in mind my good study record and high level of motivation to participate in this language course I believe to be a good candidate for this course. If you need further information do not hesitate to contact me.

I am looking forward to your response.



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