Letter of motivation sample for the BA in Law

We found online interesting and very motivating letter for University application for Bachelor in Law programme offered by the Cambridge University. We are thinking this example may be useful to some of you to see and learn how to fully express your strong motivation for University program you are about to attend. Good luck!


Dear Sir/Madam:


I am writing to apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Law program, in which I am very interested. The degree from one of the most prestigious, superior and respected universities is my chance to enrich my knowledge and professionally outgrowth, and thereby contribute to the development of the humanity and the strengthening of the values of human rights and fundamental freedoms, in my native country and throughout the world.

I am a human rights activist, master in photography, and creator of my fortune. Georgia is my native country. My country is an independent and young state. It is developing but it has a lot of problems. By observing and analyzing these problems I am aware that everybody’s well-being depends on a solution of social and global problems.


I know that UK is a country with a impressive system of human rights protection and developed mechanism for the resolution of social problems. Active youth human rights advocates assert its rights decisively and implements new ways of solving of social problems. As a leader of the youth community and a member of NGO I have a lot of goals and plans. These goals are improvement of youth well-being, involvement of young people into social life, finding and promotion of young leaders. It’s very important for me. That’s why I strive to take part in your educational establishment together with progressive international youth. I aim to join in researching and developing of projects together with the best world academics, journalists, activists, officials, and leaders in human rights protection in order to solve global problems of mankind as well as challenges of my community.


From the very beginning of my public activity I’m engaging social projects aimed at protecting citizens and especially youth and children. The project is based on my research which allowed evaluating the degree of human rights violation in the Georgia and applying a number of measures of their solution, and consequently increasing a level of social welfare. My projects were highly appreciated and supported by the Open Society Institute in my country.


Studying in University of Cambridge will allow me to explore the long-term experience of democracy building, gain knowledge and skills in the field of law and leadership, which can be used for creating better instruments of protection of the individual and promotion of democracy.

Large role in the promotion of social projects has the status of leader, their credibility, especially in the case of projects the national and international level. Therefore my personal status, that besides depends on the success and rating of the institution, will provide additional opportunities to my community.


I have already done much for social improvement of my community as volunteer, author of projects, member of NGO, secretary of student parliament and deputies assistant; but life changes and new challenges require new ideas, knowledge, skills and partners. Taking part in The B.A. in Law program is a perfect chance to develop both my personal and professional experience by interacting with top students and leaders of other nationalities, discovering new culture and traditions.


I am sure that the knowledge I shall receive in The B.A. in Law program will be able to be applied in the future in order to become a professional; I could help people and teams to develop their own potential, to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals. While working in the public sector we all strive for positive changes in our society. I am sure all changes we want in society have to start with NGO and ourselves. I shall develop national programs, which could help to adjust long-term relations among cultures and continents. This is my way, the way of a person who wants, for certain, to change the fortune of Georgia and its’ inhabitants. I am a drop of my Georgian people and the fortune of all the ocean depends on my personal experience, knowledge which I can and want to pass the other people.


In conclusion, I would like to say that I am eager to gain new experiences, improve my skills and

broaden my understanding of the dynamic economic world, and I am persuaded that studying in the B.A. in Law program would contribute to my development as a specialist of international level in the best possible way.


Thank you very much for considering my application.


Yours faithfully,


Name Surname


Source: ZNU, http://www.znu.edu.ua/