Motivation letter sample for a Travel Agent

Jack Cohen

Belfast Street, 17

Devon, UK


Mr. John Travis

Travel United Ltd.

Baker Street, 40

London, UK


Dear Mr. Travis,


At your company Website I have found an add offering employment for a travel agent. I have filled out the Questionnaire, where you will get to know that I am frequent traveler and that I fulfill the conditions of the post. In addition, I have been engaged in a team of travel agents where I received superior recommendations regarding my ability to work in tandem with the other team members.

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I am eager to hear from you regarding my Questionnaire and for a call for an interview in person. Feel free to contact me 24/7 at my personal mobile phone which is indicated in my Resume, that I am sending as an Attachment to this motivation letter. I would be happy to come to your offices to discuss in detail my skills and qualifications and how my engagement at your travel agency can enhance the business and encourage my carrier.


Also, I would like to meet you in person, as a I have some ideas regarding the job position, you are offering, but as well I have some questions regarding the duties and responsibilities of this job offer, as I am willing to do much more not just for the job, but for the agency. As I indicated, please contact me when is suitable for you, I will accommodate to your schedule.


I really appreciate if I will be considered to be your travel agent, as I believe that my education and skills perfectly matches requirements mentioned in the add. I am eager to take the challenge to work within your agency and give my contribution to your everyday activities. I am acquainted that there is a great demand for travel agents and I would be pleased to be one of the best travel agents at your agency.



Jack Cohen