Motivation letter for a pharmaceutical technician

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With this letter I would hereby like to apply for the pharmaceutical technician job, or any other position that would be suitable for my professional profile. I am confident that my background and skills in research techniques will prove to be adequate for your business requirements.


I possess comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology; third-party formularies and plan limitations; apothecary and metric systems of weights and measures; and pharmaceutical calculations; and a proven track record of commended performance in all pharmacy tech positions held.


While working for Inter Research Lab Inc., I successfully applied my research skills and worked closely with the samples being studied. I supported the research in completing assigned experiments, and recorded and analyzed massive amounts of collected data. This experience provided me the opportunity to work closely with a team of researchers, and familiarized me with the importance of superior lab practice.


My research experiences have been positive ones due in part to my interpersonal skills. I feel comfortable working in the teams, since I am reliable and organized, but I am also good in working on my own. Therefore I can assure you that I can fit well in your institution.


I am excited about the opportunity to join your team. In the Attachment I am sending you my Curruculum Vitae, Diplomas and several Recommendations. Please feel welcomed to contact me via telephone or e-mail if I can give some additional information.



Thank you very much for your consideration and time,



Kind Regards,


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