Motivation letter sample for an Internship in NGO / CSO

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Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]


Contact Person and Title

Name of the NGO

HR Department

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RE: Internship / Traineeship opportunity


Dear [Name of the contract person, or HR manager, if not familiar write in Sir/Madam],


I am writing in response to the internship opportunity available on you website. At this time I am pursuing my Master’s degree in [field] at the University of [name of the University]. Within this program I am focusing my studies on the []. Hence, I am very interested in the [name of the project / program] implemented by your organization in [region].




I personally believe that my experiences and education make me a strong candidate for this particular internship opportunity in [name of the organization]. Thanks to the numerous courses and trainings, I have gained experience in the project cycle management, teamwork, intercultural management, and in conflict resolution.


Additional, through course in policy analysis and governance studies I have learned how to conduct stakeholder analysis, to draft memos and make research framework. As I know these skills are appreciated by your organization, and therefore I believe you will perceive them as valuable asset to your team. Nevertheless internship in your organization will provide me an opportunity to gain further experience and upgrade my skills and knowledge.


I believe that combination of my skills, experience, and knowledge suits your expectation regarding profile of intern for advertised position. Preferably I would like to do my internship during summer, as I do not have any obligations at the University.


As requested I am enclosing my resume along with writing sample. Please feel welcomed to contact me via telephone or e-mail if I can give some additional information.


Thank you very much for your consideration and time,

Kind Regards,

Name Surname