Motivation letter sample for a job in Embassy

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Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]


[Name of the Embassy]


[Name of the Contact person]

[Position of the contact person]


RE: Administrative assistant in the Embassy of [Country name]





Dear Sirs, Madam,


With this letter I would hereby like to express my interest to work at the Embassy of [Name of the Country]. I dare to say that I am a fresh and prospective graduate with three years of work experience in the government & policy and public administrative, gained whilst studying for my BA degree in the University of [Name of the University].

I have always been interested in policy and international relations, and therefore I have applied to work at the Government of [Name the Country], where I was one of accepted candidates over 150 applicants. After one and a half year, I was also suggested for working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, I decided to move abroad, looking forward to gain new experiences. Now I am in London for two years where I work for an International Charity, as a Program Administrator. On this position, I got familiarized myself with activities of your honorable Embassy, and got motivated to work for the Embassy of [country].


There are lots of reasons why I would like to work at the Your Embassy. Firstly, I am really impressed with the history of the [Country]. It is more than adorable how much has been acheived in such a short time. I am also impressed by the economic policy, and what has national economy achieved in terms of economic growth. As I met of lot of Your nationals, and have friends of your Nation, I am also familiar with your culture, and can say it is one of the richest on the World.


Being fresh graduate, it would be great opportunity to give me a chance to work at the Embassy of [Country name] as an administrative worker due to my work experience.


I hope therefore, that on consideration of my resume, you will be persuaded of my potential to perform well and make a real contribution as a member of your organization. In the meantime, I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. I will be available to attend interview any time this month, and I’d really welcome the opportunity of discussing this position with you.


Yours faithfully,


[Name Surname]