Motivation letter sample for a Investor Services Representative

[Name and Surname of the Sender]


[Phone, email]

Date: [MM/DD/YYYY]

    [Name of the Recruiter]

[Recruitment agency]


RE: [Investor Services Representative] position


Dear [Name of the Recruiter],


I have received your contact details from my colleague [Name Surname of the colleague] who told me that you can assist me in find prospective career opportunity suitable for my professional profile. I firmly believe that your phone is ringing all day long, due to number of clients you serve, and therefore I am grateful you have took some of your valuable time to consider my resume.   As you may see in the enclosed resume that I have quite impressive work experience in Investor relation, as I have worked in most prominent brokerages and consultancies. However I feel that this experience has equipped me with this skills and knowledge to move my career forward, and therefore I would like to work as an Investor Services Representative.   Some of the respected corporations I have worked for are [quote / list the companies]. There I have gained valuable contracts with the most important clients/stakeholders in the West Coast like: [quote/list clients.] I believe that this well-established network of contact you find useful for my future employment.   Investors relations I have dynamic personality, and I enjoy being in continuous contacts with clients. During my average workday I handle more than 100 phone calls from stockholders, and answer dozens of emails. I am quite flexible and I easily adapt to the new environments, as I find this quite challenging. I am goal oriented person who respects envisaged deadlines, quite well organized and always up to schedule. Challenging opportunities I find motivational to work long hours if needed to complete delegated tasks.   Having in mind above stated I would like to speak with you about possible job openings in the field of investiture services. I am available for an appointment at you convenience. Please call me to schedule an interview.   Thank you!   [Name Surname]   Enclosed: – Curriculum Vitae – 3 Professional References – Scanned copies of University diplomas and certificates – Employment history certificate