Motivation letter sample for PhD in Biology

Dear All,

Recently we have received dozens requests from out visitors to help them with motivation letter for PhD program. Since we are not able to meet all the inquiries, this time we have prepared letter of motivation for PhD program in biology. Feel free to copy and edit. Wish you a lot of success with your application!


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Dear Sir or Madam:


I am writing this letter to apply to the PhD program on your University called {Name of the program].

Living in the World of scarcity, especially having in mind shortages in clean drinkable water, my career objective is to act as expert in water purification with expertise in membrane process technology.


Strong economic growth and industrialization in my country has increased demand for water production, causing in the same time more pollution. Just two decades ago I was able to enjoy in fresh spring water, however heavy urbanization made fresh water scarce, motivating me strongly to invest all my efforts in helping community to clean the water springs.


I already have professional and academic experience in membrane separation. I have always been fascinated by the benefits of membrane separation, like low level of energy consumption, smaller space requirements, and high autonomy of processes. Hence, all of the mentioned imply possible huge savings in costs, and more environmental benefits. I believe that future improvements can increase sustainability such as antifouling membranes when needed, and many other opportunities for novel applications, such as the removal of nanoparticles.


I am a persistent person with strong orientation on goals. During my undergraduate and graduate studies I have always been among top 10% in the class. Moreover throughout my studies both on bachelor and on master level I have been a holder of state scholarship offered to most prospective students. As the greatest achievement in my academic career I would like to point out that one of my patents is registered in the National patent office. Furthermore I have published two academic articles in [Name of the Journal] which you may find in the enclosure of my application.


In addition to my academic achievements I have developed strong leadership and communication skills. During my university studies i have often lead a group when it comes to the group assignments,

Moreover, I have organized several academic seminars, and have been involved in organization of international conference in water management in China.


I am flexible person, conformable with working on my own or as a part of the team. I enjoy learning about new cultures and traveling. I have already been living abroad, as an exchange student in Malaysia, where I have spent six months. Therefore I am looking forward to undertake this challenge.



I have read a number of papers in water management and membrane separation written by the professor [Name Surname] who teaches [name of the subjects] at University of [Name]. I find his work as very important because he is constantly bringing great contribution to scientific community. Therefore I would be highly honored to have him as a professor, and thus I would like to become a student at your University. I am confident that I will bring a high level of energy and enthusiasm to exceed your expectations


I would like to thank you for consideration of my application. I am looking forward to receive your call for an interview in order to take part in the next stages of selection process.