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Subject: Motivation Letter

With this letter I hereby wish to state my interest and apply for Master of Science degree program in Epidemiology. I always had an interest and passion for Medicine, and therefore it is not surprising that I have finished my Bachelor studies in the field of medicine in just five years instead of six.

I have developed this strong passion towards Epidemiology thanks to my father who is a Epidemiologist, working in the MoH in the Statistics Department. Thanks to him and his scientific work, I became keen to learn more about this field. Therefore I have enrolled into and completed in 2015 my Bachelor studies of Public Health at the [UNIVERSITY NAME]. While attending college, I focused primarily on biostatistics and the use of biostatistics to evaluate health impacts. During my studies I finished a capstone project analyzing time to event data in approximately 1000 patients at four single nucleotide polymorphisms of interest for potential development of a heart condition. I have also designed many of the research frameworks and analysis methods, based on the prominent research I had on my disposal. In processing data I have used MATLAB in cooperation with other college fellows.

Theoughr my life I have often been involved in volunteering, in order to gain experience, but also to give my personal contribution to the community. Before attending college, I volunteered at St. Agnes Nursing Center where I have been supporting the elderly in eating, playing games, and talking to them. While attending college, I have volunteered in Kenya, where I worked and observed the children with Ebola.

Through Master program offered by Your University I tend to develop skills and competences in the Epidemiology, through full understanding of risk factors for the diseases, and its impact on population. Moreover, since my IT skills are not so strong at the moment I hope to develop stronger computer skills for data processing in using software such SAS, MATLAB and SPSS. Last, but not least I perceive this as an opportunity to get the insight in the Epidemiology medical practice in one of the best hospitals in the country, in this field.

I am applying after carefully reviewing the course curriculum. Since the research focus and facilities available in your department complement my research interests and requirements, I believe that being a student in your department would not only empower my career development, but would give me the framework my utilize my full potentials. Moreover I feel that as a Masters student at your University, I can benefit from the numerous challenging career opportunities.

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