Motivation letter sample for an Environmental Engineer

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Recently we have received request from the one of our visitors to help him with motivation letter for an Environmental Engineer position. Therefore in response to his request we have provided this Sample of motivation letter for an Environmental engineer. We hope you will have successful application.




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[Ms. /Mr.][Name Surname]

[Company name]






RE: Application for a Environmental Engineer [Post Nr. __________]


Dear [Ms./Mr.][Surname]


I am writing in response to your ad for a Environmental Engineer position in the [Name] Sector.  I am a 2015 degree candidate for a Master of Engineering in Environmental Engineering from [University name]. In addition, I received my BSc in Environmental Engineering from [University name] in 2012.


Before pursuing my master studies, I worked as a advisor at [Company name] for two years applying my skills to a range of projects including sustainable technology assessments and management of multi-disciplinary project teams. As a result of my work and educational experience, and my interest and enthusiasm, I think I am well suited to pursue a career in sustainability consulting. I have a strong interest in the field of global warming and greenhouse gas management, and therefore I am pursuing this interest through my thesis research: a carbon impact evaluation of proposed hydropower in Venezuela.


During my time as a adviser, I was able to distinguish myself as a proficient and motivated employee. In particular I wanted to engage in projects that concentrated on renewable energy, sustainable design, and energy efficiency. I was also involved in endorsing sustainable practices within the company, and initiated an educational workshop for public sector clients.  My experience includes: delivering a sustainable technology assessment to compliment a campus’ low-carbon design strategy; evaluating the conversion of waste oils to biofuels at a local wastewater treatment plant; and conducting a cost analysis and carbon inventory for the design of a deep heat geothermal energy facility.


Having this in mind, I am highly confident that I can utilize my skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help businesses develop and implement sustainability initiatives.


If you have any further questions regarding my application please feel free to contact me via e-mail or the telephone. I am looking forward from hearing from you and for your call to discuss my application in great detail.


Thank you very much in advanced for considering my application for this competitive position.



[Name Surname]