Motivation letter sample for a delivery driver

DeliDelivery driver is a person who is responsible to do all the delivery in firm, including shipping, carrying the goods and delivering it at proper location and reasonable timing.

The main responsibilities include:

– To guarantee that delivery will be on time, provided at the location contracted,

– Writing reports on goods delivered, including information to the supervisors on where is certain delivery or in what time it will be carried to its final destination,

– Communication with the firm’s managers and especially dispatcher,

– Good verbal communication with the receivers of the delivery.


The Delivery driver should be prepared to relocate a lot, since sometimes it would be need up to 48 hours for a delivery to be shipped. Also, He/She should be well fitted as the role supposes loading and uploading delivery in several types of vehicles, but most of all it supposes a clean driver record and knowledge in technical characteristics of vehicles since it is necessary for the driver to carry out some repair during the voyage.

Delivery Driver motivational letter

Mr. John Jonson

Human Resources Manager

1234 Left Road


G234 8OI


10 February 2016


Dear Mr. Jonson,


I am a Delivery Driver looking for a job in my area of work. I am experienced in several kinds of deliveries including dairy products, oil derives or documents. As a professional in my work, I would like to use this opportunity to apply for a position of Delivery Driver at Your Company, as advertised at I honestly believe that I am superior candidate for the advertized position, as a hard-working and committed worker able to serve the Company 24/7 in accordance with the consumers’ policy of the company and its usual service procedures.


During my professional experience, I have mastered skills and techniques of picking up deposits, documents and goods, lading different types of vans, trucks and automobiles and verifying the regularity of the shipped goods – counting and proofing quality of the shipment.


I am currently employed as a Delivery Driver at the National Petroleum Company in Belfast, but I can be easily relocated if it is needed because I have moved several times in search for better employment conditions. I must admit that your offer is very attractive for me, as I want to settle down, as I would have more permanent working contract, as advertized. My current job duties include arranging and carrying several deliveries of sensitive load (mostly oil or oil derives) during day and night with the tank I drove, but also my working includes automobile drive due to currier door to door documents delivery.


Being personally fit and well shaped I can carry loadings and unloading from several types of road vehicles, including tanks. I have clean driving license and I can assure you that I am not convicted on any crime or involved in any sort of traffic accident. Also, I am well acquainted with several types of trucks including Scania, Volvo and Mercedes, its technical characteristics and functioning.


I am eager to start working for you and your Company as I emphasized in my application at your website and in my Resume attached with this mail.


Thank you very much in advanced for considering my application,


Best Regards,


Swan Sworton

1234 Right Road


E5678 8HY