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Motivation letter sample for a PhD in Biotechnology

Thinking about enrolling in a PhD program in Biotechnology or Medical sciences? Than this article is perfect for you. We will  provide you an motivation letter sample for a PhD in Biotechnology. You can easily adjust this letter to any doctoral program in the field of biology, nano-sciences, medicine or laboratory sciences. Good luck!

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RE: PhD in Biotechnology

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing this letter to apply to the PhD program in Biotechnology on your University. I learned about this competitive program from guest lecturer, and famous scholar Mr Name Surname, PhD, who was lecturing ______ at my home University, and got very keen to continue my education on your University, which I perceive as a leading scientific institution in the World in the field of biotechnology.

I believe that my academic background is appropriate for the PhD position on your University. As you may see in the application form I have completed Master of Medical laboratory Science, with specializing in pharmacology from Cairo University of Science and Technology in September 2014. At the moment I am working in the St. John’s hospital, in Oncology department, which is the main center for diagnosis and treatment of tumors in Egypt.

Due to my ongoing interest in biotechnology and biology in general since hugh school days, I got admitted to BSc program in Laboratory Sciences, and in 2011 received my undergraduate degree from the University College of Medical Sciences in Alexandria. A year later I got enrolled on master program studying variety of courses in DNA.  It is quite novel  2 year Master program, where first year is dedicated to courses and second year research. During my studies I took challenging courses such as advanced biochemistry and molecular biology, which I particularly enjoyed studying.

Thanks to my education and extensive research I started to work as lab director in St John’s hospital, in oncology department. There I have developed strong leadership skills and know how in managing diverse team members. My responsibilities as a laboratory director were test selection, implementation, and resolution of technical failures, developing laboratory programs for clinical validation of new tests and development of management guidelines and practices that ensure reliable performance of clinical testing. Furthermore I have been responsible for development, implementation, and review of the laboratory quality assurance and control programs

In 2014, Hospital has sent me to Immunophenotyping training in duration of four months so I where I have receive at glance knowledge about this diagnostics method. The training was also an excellent opportunity for improvement of my language skills which are essential for the PhD course I wish to apply for. On this training I got familiarized with interpretation of data received in bone marrow cytology examination, review of blood films, cytochemistry and from Immunophenotyping. As a direct follow up from the training I gave tried to apply the expertise i gained, and got recently focused to implement MIC-M for leukemia diagnosis in the hospital where I work.

My main motive to peruse this particular PhD is to strengthen my knowledge base and acquire practical skills in the area of biotechnology. What is especially important to ad, is that I have experience in doing lectures at my home University, since have been a lecturer in hematology. Moreover, I have experience in scientific research, and I have published two articles in the Journal of medicine, which may see enclosed to my application, with “List of publications”.

To my knowledge, this program is very competitive, due to the renown of Your University. Despite to the facts that it attracts only highly driven students, I am confident that my academic record, experience, professional goals and my enthusiasm will make me a strong candidate for a place on this course. I would be honored if you decide to accept my application to be PhD student in your prestigious University.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.






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