Motivation letter for a Doorman / hotel staff

Having a career as a Doorman can be more challenging than most of the people think. In fact, the Doorman is a person who is the first face who you will see entering a new building or going to a nice vacation at a hotel. He/she is a crucial in giving a first impression of the facility, but also of the company/building he work at! Also, a Doorman provides sense of security, takes care of the guests at the entrance, but also it can be very useful when it comes to introducing a new visitors to the people who are already at the building, so he/she can be very influential. Also, a successful doorman should be cordial, amiable and cheerful.

Duties and responsibilities

A good doorman should follow people from their entering the building. He/she should also take care of taxis, receive packages (including signing them), help with orientation and giving directions etc. It is extremely important for the doorman to take care of the safety of the building by observing suspicious behavior of different people or objects surrounding the building. His/her duties are different depending of its working placement (building, hotel, office etc). It is usual practice for the large hotels to employ doormen around the clock. Outside of season he/she should take care of the payment or the hotel garden, as usually that is the period of the year when the doormen have more free time as the hotels are semi full or with no guests at all.


As the doormen are members of a union, the salary depends on the salary contracted between the union and the employers. But that is not all, as the doormen receive generous tips regularly.


Candidate’s name and surname

Address and street number

Telephone/Mobile phone





Name of the Hotel or HR Manager

Name of the Hotel

Address and street number of the Hotel




Ms./Mr. Hotel or HR Manager,

I am writing you regarding the open position of Doorman at your Hotel in Miami, as advertised at website.


I am currently student at University of Miami (main subject Catering services) and I am in pursuit of an opportunity of additional income during the summer, but also to gain a certain work experience to upgrade my Resume. Since I am raised and bred in Miami, I have always dreamt to become a Hotel Manager, and I believe that the position of a Doorman will enhance my career prospects, since it will enable me to have a comprehensive look at the hotel management.  In addition, an employment at your hotel will be one of my greatest achievements in my professional career considering your reputation among the sector.


I have worked as a Bar Assistant at GARDEN Hotel in Jacksonville, where I got introduced to a client interaction and team work, especially with a team in a hotel with respectable reputation. I believe that those characteristics of mine with be of exceptional importance for you as my employer.


In the Attachment I am sending you my Resume and Application letter for your closer review. If you have any additional questions regarding my application please contact me vie e-mail, Skype or my mobile phone.


I believe I fulfill all of the necessary requirements for the post and I expect a call for an interview for the position.


Thank you very much in advanced for considering me,


Kind Regards,

Candidate’s name and surname