Motivation Letter sample for a Summer School in Physics

Many of you have asked us recently to provide them a sample of the motivation letter for summer school. Finally we have prepared one letter of motivation for a Summer school in Physics. The letter is intended to express motivation of undergrad student in physics for attending summer school in physics on the prestiguos University in Europe. Yoz can easily adapt the letter to any summer school in life sciences. Good luck with your application!


Dear Sir / Madam,

With this letter I would like to express my interest in taking part at the European Summer School in Physics. I am currently at the second year of my studies at the University of Groningen, Department of Physics and I do hold a deep interest in the most fundamental aspects of Physics with a goal to devote my professional career towards understanding them.

Therefore, I would be captivated to grasp an inside look at a modern and top notch graduate program and University of Berlin, since it is such a place that I hope to join as a graduate student. In that line It is quite evident that the experiences gained, both by the hands-on experience on topics of my interest and by the guidance of leading experts in the area, this summer school are so invaluable for me and for my future endeavors.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that curricula of the summer school will provide answers to my most profound and fundamental questions regarding my future. I hope it will help me resolve my inner dilemma whether to choose study Quantum Information and the underlying phenomena that govern the axioms of the Quantum Mechanics or focus on the Standard Model and the theories beyond. I have been torn between these two, not fundamentally separate but diverging paths for quite some time and I believe that by seeing the topics in contrast to the workshops of your school will provide some useful information for me to finally making a decision.

During my studies I have been introduced and trained on a variety of subjects including Electromagnetism, Special Relativity, Complex Analysis in addition to two undergraduate courses in Quantum Mechanics and a graduate on Advanced Quantum Mechanics. I also have self-studied the basics of Quantum Computers and Particle Physics. Finally I can handle myself with the Mathematica software and have some experience with other programming languages, such as Fortran. Thus I firmly believe that I will be able to cope with the requirements of the summer school.

I am confident you will find my application as a worthwhile investment. My attendance at this summer school is a wise investment and I would highly appreciate to be one of the selected participants.


John Klein


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