Motivation letter sample for a Senior Mechanic

Car Shop Inc.

Name Road No. 99





Dear Mr [Last Name]

Re: Senior Mechanic position


With this letter I would like to apply for the position of a Senior Mechanic at CAR SHOP Inc. as advertised in MechanicJobs Website on December 20, 2016.


I have been working in the automotive industry for ten years, including the last five years as a senior mechanic in Mercedes Benz in London, as official service for Mercedes cars. Thanks to my dedication and results, I was promoted to this position. I started as a mechanic, and because I maintained a record of almost  zero comebacks on cars I had serviced, I was promoted after 2 years of service.


Working on my current position requires skills and abities to confidently direct and supervise staff members and oversee the general running of Mercedes  workshop in London, which is one of the busiest in Mercedes network. Since I have superior communication skills, I find myself to bee a good in resolving conficts amont mechanic staff, and conficts that may areise on the between mechanic staff and servise menagers.


I consider myself to be well organised, accustomed to maintaining company records and proficient in basic computer softwares. Nevertheless I am fully specialized in using car diagnostics software, and have went through several trainings.


Since I am looking for new challenges, I would like to be considered for a position at CarShop Inc. because of the excellent reputation of your service for offering invaluable expertise and superior customer service. I believe I fulfill all of the necessary requirements for the post and I expect a call for an interview for the position. In the Attachment I am sending you my Resume and Application letter for your closer review. If you have any additional questions regarding my application please contact me vie e-mail, Skype or my mobile phone.



Thank you very much in advanced for considering my application


Yours sincerely,