Motivation letter sample for a Master in Internet Technologies

One of our readers was happy to share his authentic Motivation letter for a Master in Internet technologies.  Below we bring you this authentic letter for Master in IT, which may be beneficial for many of you pursuing Master in IT.


Admissions office




To whom it may concern,


I was extremely delighted to see this scholarship opportunity provided by your company. As, I am applying for the Master of Science in information technology in the University of (name), this scholarship is very important support in my future studies.  With this letter I would like to introduce myself, express my motivation to apply for the Master`s program, provide the basic details of my candidacy and, finally, set out why I believe I am suitable for receiving the scholarship from your company.


I am a fourth year tuition-free student in Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) pursuing Bachelor degree in IT. I majored in networks design, applications and websites development. I have always been good in mathematical sciences such as probability theory, automata theory and programming which are my favorite. I aspire to develop expertise in information technology focusing on network development and design. During last years, I successfully completed numerous individual and group projects such as “Innovative ways of design of new generation computing and intelligent systems” and “Development of information reporting system based on SAP software for oil industry”. What is more, I have good public speaking skills; hence, I have made lots of presentations and research reports during my studies in MAI.


Even though I am a full-time student, I possess comprehensive work practice. I have worked during the summer holidays since I was fourteen. Different jobs gave me solid communication skills and significant life experience that I highly appreciate. In 2015, I underwent internship in IBS in Moscow. IBS is one of the leading IT companies in Russia and I was delighted to participate in their projects and get valuable work experience. Working on projects with SAP software in IBS I obtained vital essential knowledge of programming, skills of teamwork and project management. Moreover, I have met some extraordinary managers and realized what real leadership means. Thankfully, six months after completion of the internship, I received the proposal for a permanent job in IBS and now I work there full-time. This job gives me motivation to move further, broaden my knowledge in IT and accept new challenges in my future career. Thus, I have decided to apply for the Master`s program in University of….


I am applying for the scholarship since it would vastly helped me support my studies and let me do my best. For me the scholarship is great financial aid for the best performance in a Master`s program, but also this is the access to a huge network of students, alumni, young professionals and future leaders that are going to determine the information technology industry next years. One of the most valuable benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and exchange life and professional experience with each other. Exchanging ideas brings to smarter solutions and better living for the whole world. The scholarship is the key to successful professional life and realization of potential. The IT industry rapidly evolves creating new challenges. Thus, constant learning is dramatically important for IT professionals.


I am an easy-going and hard-working person who likes traveling, meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures. What is more, I am a fan of sport. I used to actively participate in gymnastics, tennis and biathlon in which I achieved sport grades. Definitely, these kinds of sport effected my personality, gave me strong willpower and the wish to deal with new challenges and always win. Sport develops the leadership skills that I applied, for instance, when organized my fellow students to become blood donors in a local hospital. As a result, we have been blood donors for a long time already.


In conclusion, I sincerely believe that I am qualified enough, possess strong academic background and research skills to be able to perform well in the Master`s program as well as contribute to the University and the IT industry in a whole. Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. I look forward to your positive response.




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