Motivation Letter Sample for a Film Producer


The role of Film Producer varies depending on the type of production. Each Film Producer can act as an independent producer or to work within a producing company in the film industry. Profession of Producer is related to the several stages of production. In the beginning, producer should find a script that is enhancing and seems promising in order to attract the viewers to the cinemas, but also a script for which a movie can be made. In the next stages of production, the producer should attract investors or companies that should finance the realization of the endeavor. Related to the skills that he/she should have, he/she must be proactive, communicative, have strong relations within the movie industry, but also to possess strong knowledge in the movie production, especially between the casting and producing studios.


Motivation Letter for a Film Producer – sample


Name and Surname of the applicant

His/her address

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Date of application


Name of the person who is responsible for hiring

Name of the Company for which Add the applicant is applying



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Dear Madam/Sir Surname,


Recently I have read about the opening of a post for a Film Producer at your company and immediately saw myself for the role.


Having in mind that I possess experience in several film editing software (video and audio input formats) in addition to my bachelor degree in film studies, I believe I am the ideal candidate for the post. Also, I have been an intern is two of the most prestigious film studios during my studies, so I am sure that the experience gained will enable me to feel comfortable and fit in perfectly at Name of the Company.


I have assisted in several student projects as a writer and director, for which I have received highest mars and several awards at student’s festivals across the country. So I think that it is time for me to move forward and to involve myself as a producer. I have developed skills relevant for script scanning, which allows me to distinguish band script from the good one in very short deadlines. Also, since I am related to the film industry and regular contributor to several student’s festivals, I can obtain fresh scripts or to detect them from commence of the process of writing. Those skills enables me to choose the best scripts for your company. Also, I am good negotiator, which allows me to bargain good deals and to establish cost-beneficiary business.


In my vast experience for a young person, I have monitored and managed several film realization projects, among others I have been in the team of producers for the Michael Greenspan’s movie Wrecked. During that experience I have gained strong production skills, but also having seen all the stages of film creation, I developed strong sense of all the problems that could emerge during the sets and how to be promptly solved.


My communication and lobbying skills makes me perfect for any marketing endeavor. As the movie realization supposes advertising of the movie created, I can be perfect marketing manager for the project.


In the Attachment of this e-mail I am sending you my Resume, List of Awards and Recommendations.


I am looking forward for your call to discuss my Resume in person and in greater details. Please do not hesitate to contact me via this e-mail or telephone.


Best regards,

Name and Surname of the applicant