Motivation letter sample for a Physical Therapist

Applicant Name

Applicant Address No 00




(000) 000 000,
January 25, 2017



HR Officer

Italo Physical Therapy Center

120 Apia Nuova

Rome, Italy




In reference to the advertisement Italo Physical Therapy Center has published in Weekly Gazette for the vacant post of Physical Therapist, I would like to submit my application with this letter.


As you may see in the enclosed resume, my qualifications closely match with your job description and therefore I am confident that I will prove to be an asset to your Therapy center.

Previous employers and clients have been commending my work repeatedly. As I prove I can submit several reference letters for your review. I guess this is due to the fact that I really like my job and enjoy helping others. I am highly skilled when it comes to the assessment of patient’s physical condition thanks to the years of experience I have spent in the industry. Therefore I am able to devise an appropriate plan to my clients in the most of the cases.

Since I am the person that strives to excellence in performing its duties and in implementing new practices I devote a lot of my time to professional training and learning. Therefore I am skillful in performing most of the popular physical therapy procedures that enhance the strength and flexibility of patients, resulting in improved motor control and reduced pain and discomfort. Moreover, since I exercise regularly I am perfectly fir and physically capable of handling all kinds of work in efficient manner.

In the Attachment I am sending you my Resume and Application letter for your closer review. If you have any additional questions regarding my application please contact me vie e-mail, Skype or my mobile phone.


I believe I fulfill all of the necessary requirements for the post and I expect a call for an interview for the position.

Thank you very much in advanced for considering me,



Kind Regards,


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