Motivation letter sample for a Software Specialist

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RE: Motivation letter sample for a software specialist


Dear Ms. [Surname],


I am writing in response to your ad for SOFTWARE SPECIALIST at FAMOUS IT COMPANY. Being highly skilled Software specialist I would like to apply for this post, and to bring high quality of service to this role.
Currently I work as a software specialist with Another IT Company Ltd. I joined this company 5 years ago, and since than I maintain an exceedingly functional IT environment while I support the software development and maintenance needs of our clients and staff members. I am skilled problem solver, and I work both individually or within teams. I have an eye for details and therefore I am capable of dealing with the most delicate situations of problem solving, because I am able to spot weak links or issues in the short period of time. I am able of prioritizing, and I quickly respond to colleagues / clients queries although I am involved in multiple projects within the firm.


As requested I am keen to bring following skills and knowledge to FAMOUS IT Company if being selected for this post;


– Proven experience in Software Design & Software debugging techniques, as a result of 12 year experience in the industry on various projects.
– Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming Methodologies and UML, gained through several courses and on the job training within THIRD IT COMPANY Ltd.
– Knowledge of Agile Development Methodologies,
– Good verbal and written communication skills


In addition to above stated I would like to bring to your attention that I am expert at reporting and program optimization. Furthermore, I am also familiar with several programing languages, such as Python, HTML, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript. Even though I do not utilize all of them in performing my professional duties I strive to improve my skills on these mostly at home through participation in volunteer projects in one charity organization.



Please find out more on my qualifications by reading enclosed resume. Thank you very much in advanced for your consideration. If you have any further questions regarding my candidateship, please contact me via telephone or e-mail.


Kind Regards,


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