Motivation letter sample for a PhD Research

Dear Professor [Last Name],
I am writing in regard to the possibility of joining your research team as a visiting researcher, in Oxford University. I’m a British student, pursuing PhD in Economics, with focus on assessment of local public expenditure.

I hold BSc degree in Management (2010-2013) and a Master in Fiscal Policy (2014-2016). Since 2010 I am a student in Hamburg University. At this point I have started my PhD research for the benefit of my PhD thesis. With the research I plan to assess the inter-sectoral impact of public investments. More specific I have the intention to investigate, how local expenditure in education may have a short-term impact on public health.

Apart from studies, I also work as a Teaching Assistant on Economics Institute of Hamburg, where I was expected with the opportunity to spend maximum one year as visiting researcher abroad. I would like to challenge myself working in international environment and I believe that my experimental background and motivation would help me to have a valuable contribution. I have some experience abroad, since I was an exchange student, and therefore culture and language shall not be an issue.

During search for the University where I can implement and international research project, I have come across Oxford, because my colleague and supervisor Ms. Saskia Jacobs, PhD has referred me to Professor. James, in the Economics Department of Oxford Uni., due to potential for the implementation of research project closely related to my research subject.  Accordingly two weeks ago I have contacted Professor James, who confirmed me the information I have been told by Professor Jacobs, and suggested me to contact Dean’s office, in order to investigate the possibilities for my fellowship.

Since Oxford has strong research focus on Europe and local Governance, I believe the University and Department can significantly benefit from my fellowship as well. I am referring in particular to the database I have developed for tracking local expenditures in Federal Republic of Germany.

Having in mind above stated I would be grateful if you could give me an opportunity to join your team in winter term of, or the spring one of 2018. In line with my schedule I would prefer a stay lasting between 3 and 6 months, through the duration of either Winter of Spring term.
I believe that with my work and studies I have a solid foundation, but through research on Oxford, I hope to develop expertise and boost the quality of my research. I have attached an updated resume for your review. Thank you very much for considering my inquiry and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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