Motivation letter sample for a Master in Interior Design

In this article we are bringing you a genuine  Sample motivation letter for masters degree in Interior Design sent last year for Master degree application. As you know letter of motivation is essential part of application package for Master program so make sure to invest enough time in preparing the letter, because it is likely that admission panel will make decision on regarding your application based on the motivation letter.

Good luck!

Dear Sir, Madam

With this letter I am applying to Master of Arts Program in Interior Design and Spatial Planning at the University of Arts in Milan, Italy.

I hold a graduate degree in Building Surveying from University of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, which I have gained in October 2015. Studying at the University of Arts in Milan, a well-known academy, will give me the opportunity to benefit from its dynamic environment which develops creative thinking, under training and supervision of the best lecturers in my field of choice. Recent methods and realistic case studies in this university can prepare me to work in the industry after graduation.

My willingness to study in construction field, started from my teenage period when I found out about my parents’ background in building related jobs. It influenced me to enter a vocational high school to study architectural drawing and to follow the same approach by taking an associate degree at Interior Design from University of Berlin in Germany. I was eager to study in a more dynamic educational system and also passionate to challenge myself by living abroad to face my weaknesses and develop my diligent characteristics. Therefore, I started my bachelor in one of the best universities in Malaysia. During my bachelor, I gained knowledge on various aspects of building and factors affecting occupants’ comfort and health.


Taking my study path in different Built Environment fields, Architectural Drawing and Building Surveying, widened my view and persuaded me to enhance my knowledge in other related fields. Following my excitement in Green Building, I carried out my thesis and internship in relation to this area that taught me important factors in green and sustainable design. In addition, my previous ability in painting helped me a lot in representing my ideas. Having taken all these steps and the enthusiasm to design interior spaces, I find myself qualified to fulfil the requirements to study in Interior and Spatial Design program.

I privilege the refurbishment and renovation of interior environment, where possible, rather than building demolition, to keep the architectural identity of urban environments. Therefore, in my thesis, I focused on replacement of building elements to improve the existing buildings performance. I believe, whether to build a new building or renovate its interior spaces, only a proper interior and spatial design can positively enhance the application of the interior environment.

In my country many of the old buildings are being replaced with modern ones as a response to the needs for new spaces with different functions which are not in harmony with the local architecture. On the other hand, not all new projects are designed with proper interior spaces. That is why, I have a strong desire to be able to apply my knowledge in designing interior spaces for both existing and new settings in my country. Maintaining the existing precious buildings, and at the same time, properly meeting the needs for any range of interior functions are highly required in Iran where there is a huge number of old and historical buildings that can be saved and used for different functions. It is enthusiastic for me to be involved in undertaking such projects.

Having in mind above stated, I perceive as essential to continue postgraduate studies in a country which is well known for its history and knowledge in design and architecture. By studying at University of Arts in Milan I hope to learn about the recent design techniques and strategies so that I can apply them back in my country. The cross cultural learning environment of Your University which is specialized in architecture and industrial design is a great chance for me to develop my personal and professional skills.

To better introduce my background and skills I have enclosed the CV and portfolio together with this motivation letter. Thank you for considering my application.


Yours faithfully,