Motivation letter sample for German language summer school scholarship

You recently saw the Call for a language school, but you don’t have enough money to pay for participation, nor you are proficient in the language. So this Motivation letter sample for language summer school is just for you. You can use the same letter to apply for a scholarship or get partial waiver for tuition.

Good luck!

Dear Sir or Madam:



I would like to express my interest in taking part in the Salzburg Summer School in Language and Culture. I am currently a second-year student at University of Tbilisi, Georgia, majoring in business. Even though the two don’t directly correlate, I have always had a deep interest in learning foreign culture.


When I was in high school, I took a German course for two months, and even after that I still study a bit in my free time. Although I’m still at the beginner’s level, I can understand basic communication between people when I ran into German speakers in my city.

I like languages, and I also volunteered to write subtitles in my language for foreign films in English and Russian language.


It would be an amazing opportunity to learn German language and the Austrian culture at University of Salzburg. The first time I heard someone speak German was a kid watching German cartoons on the Satellite TV.  I became enthralled by the seeming melody of the language. After some year’s l heard some more on YouTube videos, I can tell that it’s an extremely beautiful and complex language, and I just fell in love with the flow of the sound. Plus, it’s an uncommon and unique language, at least in Georgia, and therefore it would be definitely a good challenge and also a pride to be able to speak it.


It is quite evident that there’s so much experience to gain, especially when you’re immersed in the culture itself. Not to mention that Austria is known to have a lot of cultural festivals and operas. There’s no doubt that this summer school would be so invaluable for me and for my future endeavors.


Furthermore, I firmly believe that the curricula of the summer school will provide the fundamentals of the language, which I plan to continue to improve post-returning to Georgia.


I am confident that you will find my application as a worthwhile investment. My attendance at this summer school is a wise investment and I would highly appreciate it to be being one of the selected participants. Since I am not in a position to finance my participation on my own I would also appreciate to be considered for a full scholarship for German language summer school, since this is the only possible way for me to practice my language skills.


Kind regards


[Name Surname]