Motivation letter sample for an IT internship

In this article we bring you a genuine example of Motivation letter for an IT internship. This is a letter written by the fresh graduate to an IT giant, to inquire on possibilities to complete a summer internship program. As IT programs became quite popular in recent years, we believe that many of you will find this motivation sample very useful. We wish you a lot of success in your application.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing about the Summer Program Development internship program offered by Oracle in as advertised on your website ( I am particularly interested in the internship offered in the biometric software.

I am looking for an opportunity where I can acquire new skills that enrich my skill set, skills that I am passionate about and that would hopefully help me to consolidate my career. I am a graduate of Munich Technical University in Germany. My final-year project was a bio-metric security system using speaker recognition technology. It also used a MySQL database for data storage and a web page for real-time monitoring of access logs.

I also completed a 300-hour training course on Java implemented by the IT Calable.

I believe that I am a quick learner, and I don’t give up easily when faced with difficult challenges. I like to think of myself as a cool-headed person who can keep his wits about him under pressure.

I have enclosed my resume for your kind consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications in more detail if you believe that I am qualified for the internship program.

Yours faithfully,

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