Motivation letter for Master Degree in Public Health Sample

Today we bring you a genuine Sample motivation letter for Master degree in Public health sent last year for Master degree application. As you know letter of motivation is essential part of application package for Master program so make sure to invest enough time in preparing the letter, because it is likely that admission panel will make decision on regarding your application based on the motivation letter.


Motivation letter for Master Degree in Public Health



Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing to apply for the Master’s Degree program in Public Health at the Twente University starting in September 2018.


I am passionate about healthcare and therefore I studied undergraduate studies in Dental Hygiene in Bulgaria. During my work as a dental hygienist, I learned that today’s complex health care problems require a multidisciplinary approach. For example, I often see elderly people living in a retirement home with bad oral health. The solution of this problem could be changing the curriculum of the education of the caretakers and put more attention to dental care. Another solution could be providing more subsidies/funds to the elderly care centers to ensure the oral health care for their residents. However, it is essential to do the research about caused of the problem and in order to propose effective solutions. Here is where my work as a dental hygienist ends and the works of the health scientist starts who not only understands the (preventive) health care but also the policies, epidemiology and economics.


Currently I am living in Germany, where I am doing voluntary work in one Elderly care center within their dental clinic. Together with a dentist we offer free dental care to people who cannot afford it. Because I see a lot of people with bad teeth and poor knowledge about (oral) health I also visit organizations and schools to give lessons about oral health to children. In this way, I can utilize my knowledge to contribute to the society and I can gain work experience in the public health. I believe that my background and work experience as a dental hygienist is a major advantage as a health scientist, it will give me a better understanding of how things work in the practice.


Through living abroad, I broadened my horizons and learned more about other cultures and lifestyles. I also learned German language and acquainted myself with health care system in Germany. Therefore I consider this as an enriching experience both personally and professionally which has incented me to further develop my skills and knowledge. I am especially interested to continue my studies in Holland because it is very innovative in dental health care and research. In the Netherlands there are many innovative health care methods, non-invasive which focus on non-operative treatment and prevention. This program has proven to be very effective in improving the oral health of children. I have chosen You University because of the high quality of the education and because here the student is encouraged to think creatively and critically, which is essential for a researcher.


After graduating from this master I want to pursue a PhD in the field of the Health Sciences. For example, I am very interested in the NOCTP- method and other non-operative methods as I have mentioned before.

I am convinced that studying a Master in Public Health at Twente University will provide me the knowledge and skills I will need as a researcher. And I am sure that I will be successful in this program and maintain the high standards of your university. Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your response.


Yours faithfully,


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