Motivation letter for masters in renewable energy sample

To apply for a Masters course in renewable energy, it is likely that you will be required to send Motivation letter for Masters in renewable energy.  The postgraduate course in renewable energy, is actually response to the changes in the environment due to scarcity of resources and development of new technologies, where renewable energy becomes important, requiring new solutions to be delivered by highly skilled experts.

Management of renewable energy sources requires profound understanding of the sector’s technical, economic, legal, and entrepreneurial particularities. Public opinion and regulation, climate change and economic situation followed by technological progress shape and limit the entrepreneurial leeway, but also offer often unforeseen opportunities. Experts in renewable energy are much demanded today and therefore Master programs in renewable energies are very competitive nowadays.

Master in renewable energy

Therefore you should draft your motivation letter for Master in Renewable energy in the way that is in line with the program objectives and admission requirements. Because this is a very compound study program, and most of prospective students would find it challenging to draft the letter, we have prepare a sample of the Motivation letter for Master in Renewable energy for you.

Motivation letter for Master in Renewable energy

Dear Sir, Madam

With this letter, I am applying for a position in the Masters in Renewable Energy, offered by Technical University in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. With my current experience as an Energy Research professional, I wish to enlarge my technical knowledge of energy systems in general and turn my focus towards development and utilization of renewable energy resources. By reading the course curriculum available online, I have found that the subject material covered will best suit my career goals. Lastly, the prospect of participating in a mandatory exchange program is an excellent way to observe different energy systems, as well as to build upon my cultural awareness.

As you know social demand for sustainable energy supplies is growing, and energy generation and usage are getting increasingly cleaner and more efficient. One aspect of this change is the increasing use of renewable energy sources such as biomass.

The Renewable Energy Technology Master Degree program on Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) will allow me to broaden knowledge of energy technology. Therefore, studying at this particular program has a great importance to me, because it is an important step in achieving my professional goal: working on projects as a technical consultant for renewable energy sources.

In university, I did a bachelor degree in Energy technology, which is an economically important area for my country and wider region in general. By the graduation, I was able to understand the dynamic nature of the energy industry, especially in connection to the growing demand for energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental safety and the need to optimize production processes in companies.

I am particularly interested in learning more about methods and techniques applied in practice to develop resource-saving technologies. I would also like to specialize in the development of Bio-Energy Systems which are gaining more and more significance in the parts of the world which are remote and far from other energy resources.

I hope that my previous studies, have given me the expertise to think inversely about finding solutions to contemporary issues in the energy and resources sector.

I would highly benefit from this master program, as international experience will provide an opportunity to work for big International companies, which are highly involve in energy sector of the country.  Therefore, I am confident that the courses in this program match perfectly with my professional and personal areas of interest and academic expectations.

I believe that with my work and studies I have a solid foundation, but through the Master’s program I hope to develop expertise and boost my career prospects. Thank you very much for considering my application and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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