Motivation letter for travel grant sample

Today we are helping you to write motivation letter for travel grant to attend the student conference. This sample of motivation letter for travel grant should help you prepare your own motivation letter, so do not make copy of this letter, rather use it only as a guideline.

A student travel grant is a subsidy for conference attendance covering transportation costs, lodging and registration fees for an event. This type of subsidies are not offered by all conferences but larger ones usually offer some type of assistance.  

Most of the travel grant provides require from prospective applicants to be enrolled as a student, on the University and to have been approved to attend the event or present a paper. To benefit from the travel grant, you should send you application prior to envisaged deadline and submit motivation letter for travel grant, CV and letter of reference.

A good motivation letter for a student travel grand should demonstrate your need for a financial assistance and you therefore you should make sure to convey where you study, to describe you interest, scientific work and explain why this conference is important for you.

Motivation letter for travel grant

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an graduate student at University of Roma Sapienza pursuing my final year of Economics. My area of interest is Econometrics and Statistical Analysis and next Autumn I will start a PhD program at my University.

For me, as a graduate student, it is very difficult for me to obtain funds from external donors, as they mainly fund the students who are already enrolled on PhD programs. So, I need support from the organizational committee.

I kindly submit this request to obtain the grant for the following expenses, related to participation to the conference.  

  • Travel Expenses: in the amount USD 550, to cover return flight from Rome to Boston.

  • Registration fee expenses: in the amount of USD 190, as stipulated by the Call for Application

  • Accommodation Expenses:  in the amount of USD 460, for the stay in Student residence in duration of 4 days (according to pricelist available on the website.)

According to the above specification, I need a subsidy of USD 1,200 to cover all my expenses.

I would also like to bring to your attention that editorial panel has already approved my abstract for presentation during the conference, and I am enclosing their letter of acceptance.

I am looking forward to your response.

Thank you for consideration of my request.

Margareta Rossi