Motivation letter sample for a PhD in analytical chemistry

This is the time of year when Universities and research centers are publishing calls for PhD scholarships and positions. Recently one prospective applicants has shared with us his motivation letter for PhD in Analytical Chemistry at well known University.

We are sharing with you this letter, because we believe it may help prospective applicants for a similar PhD program in Chemistry.

Good luck!

Dear Dr. Sanders

I am writing to express my interest in the doctoral position available in Department of Chemistry with focus on the development of methods for the detection of molecules of environmental and medical importance; development of new battery materials at University of Wyoming.

While pursuing my Bachelor degree in Organic Chemistry at University of Bath I received a fellowship from Beijing State University where I performed research in in organic chemistry synthesizing Iron (II) Spin Crossover Complexes. This opportunity incented me to start reading scientific papers and boosting my scientific curiosity. I realized that the process involved in research of finding a problem, looking for answers, developing experiments, falling repeatedly until you reach your research goal, was what I want to do in my future career. However, I was sure that that field of chemistry was not the right fit for me. Instead of patiently wait for my crystals to grow I would rather be learning about an instrumental techniques to analyze them.

After I have realized that, my problem-solving and dynamic personality led me to area of analytical chemistry area where I carried out research projects under the supervision of prof. Wang at Beijing State University Lab. Hence, I quickly became fascinated with Affinity Chromatography science mainly because it offers a swift turnaround between academic research for a new method and application of such a method in real cases. This, besides the possibility of exploring all those state-of-art equipment and the methodical process of working in an ISO environment, made me eager to engage in and learn profoundly about this field. Therefore, I developed a strong interest in exploring the theory of gas and liquid chromatography (GC, LC), mass spectrometry (HRMS), mass spectra elucidation, method development, metabolism of xenobiotics and chemometrics.

Moreover, among the countless experiences inside laboratory I would like to emphasize my undergraduate thesis where I utilized Analytical chemistry. The presentation of this work resulted in an honorable mention in the scientific review “Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry” in 2018 and the project yielded a paper which is about to be published at “Biochimica et Biophysica Acta – Proteins and Proteomics”  journal. In the meantime, I was part of the routine analysis team of Purdue University and assisted Professor Basily training new undergrad students.

As an analyst-researcher, I was able to improve my multi-tasking ability and time management skills, while sharping my teamwork skills and critical thinking. Now I attend master program in science at University of Bath (GPA 3.0/3.0) under the supervision of professor Johansson. The main project involves developing a method for obtaining a representative sample.

Having above mentioned in mind, I have decided to apply for this PhD position, as it will bring me one-step closer to my goal of becoming a researcher and an academic professor. I would gain the opportunity to learn from recognized professors, develop new perspectives of view, and further strengthen my abilities for critical thinking. By improving myself, I can fully dedicate to contribute to science and academic achievements of University of Wyoming.

I am confident that my academic records, experience, professional goals and my enthusiasm qualify me for consideration.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.




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