Motivation letter sample for an Internship in ESA (European Space Agency)

One recent graduate has asked us to help him draft his motivation letter for an Internship in the European Space Agency. Below you can find genuine letter of motivation for this internship. Unfortunately we do not know if his application has been successful, but sure it can help you in writing your motivational letter for an Internship.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I write to express my motivation to apply for a Student Internship Program with European Space agency, in the field of engineering science. I saw an open call on your website, and since I fully meet the stipulated conditions, I would like to apply.

I recently completed, in October, my master’s degree in Aeronautics and Space engineering at Tilburg University. Through my research and professional training, I have acquired knowledge and skills particularly related to Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics and Thermal but my interest has shifted to space domain, in particular with space mechanics course.

After graduation I have took part in 2 months project, which had an objective to formulate the definition of the stabilization wheel features for the Nano-satellite. The project has been implemented by my school in partnership with the Astrophysics Laboratory of Space Institute. In order to implement this project, we (with two others students) wrote and computed, using quaternions, the dynamic equations of satellite on its orbit, and equations of disturbance torque models (drag, gradient of gravity, magnetic torque, solar radiations). Finally, we were able to show disturbance torques effects on satellite behaviors, and to display its motion on orbit using VTS (Visualization Tools for Space Data). Working with other people towards a common goal is something I enjoyed a lot and believe is a great advantage in many cases.

This experience was very interesting, and gave me an incentive to search for the similar opportunities in the future. I hope to build my future career in this sector and any chance to sharpen my abilities or knowledge of this industry would be extremely helpful.

I would like to work in space industry, in an international and multi-cultural environment, and I hope that my experiences will suite perfectly with your expectations. Potential opportunity to do an internship with the ESA, would be a great asset for my future career development

Thank you for taking the time to read my application. I am available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,