Motivation letter for UN job Template

A motivation letter for a UN job is a personal statement that supplements your resume/or p11 form; and as such, it should enhance your resume in a more personal manner since you express your motivation to apply for this post.

Therefore, motivation letter is an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates, by highlighting what makes you a unique applicant for a UN post or consultancy. Your motivation letter also plays a critical role in creating an overall impression about you as a candidate for a UN career. When drafting the letter you can go into detail about your background instead of reiterating information on your personal history form. Remember, your motivation letter provides a sample of your writing skills to a perspective employer.

Your motivation letter should be not more than one page long, and personalized to an individual to the biggest possible extent.

Below are providing quite general template of motivation letter for UN job that could be used for most of the UN vacancies. However if you really want to stand out of the crowd, we recommend you to adjust the letter well towards your professional profile and particular vacancy announcement

Good luck!

Motivation letter for UN job TEMPLATE



[Hiring Manager’s Name]



RE: [Position Name and VA#]

Dear Mr/Ms. [LAST NAME],

I have spoken with [Name of the reference person], with whom I once served on a [Name the place or event where you met the person], regarding this opening, and he/she has urged me to apply. Please find enclosed my application and supporting documentation for your consideration regarding the [Position Name].

I have a variety of skills that are ideally matched to the qualifications you are looking for. My key strengths are [list two or three key competencies related to the position requirements]. In addition, my excellent interpersonal and conflict management skills have played a key role in providing outstanding levels of support.

My background and training, my [Number] years in public service administration/international organizations, and my overall career in social services are also essential attributes I would bring to your organization.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my experience and skills can be of value. Thank you for your consideration.


[Name Surname]